Wohoo! Äntligen fått mitt certifikat!! 1 av 28 i hela världen.

Jag ansökte i slutet av januari 2021, det tog lite extra tid den här gången så först i början av juli fick jag veta att jag blivit godkänd. Idag har jag äntligen fått "beviset" på att jag är godkänd för ytterligare en period.

När man ansöker om att blir MRW - Master Resume Writer - skickar man in en portfolio enligt nedan krav, nytt den här gånge (när jag förnyade min MRW) vara tt jag skulle skriva en uppsats:

◉ Requirement #1: Essay 
Submit a 500- to 1000-word essay on what new information, strategies, tips, and techniques I’ve learned over the past 2 years (since I passed the MRW review committee the first time I applied) as they relate to writing resumes, cover letters, LinkedIn profiles, career bios, and other job-search marketing documents.
◉ Requirement #2: MRW Portfolio
Each of the 5 client presentations must include:
☑ Statement of client needs and objectives.
☑ Summary of resume writing strategy and rationale.
☑ Client’s original resume (and cover letter, if one was provided to me).
☑ Final resume (and cover letter) that I wrote.

"The resume submissions for your MRW portfolio must include 5 different resumes, as outlined:"
☑ 1 resume for a senior manager/executive ($100K+ candidate).
☑ 1 resume for a client in a technology profession or industry.
☑ 3 of your very best resumes.
“Be sure that the resumes you submit are different in format and visual presentation. No templates; no boilerplates; no common look for all of your resumes.”

HUR granskas min ansökan?

"The portfolio is submitted to a Review Committee for a comprehensive evaluation to determine if my work meet MRW standards for quality and excellence based on:
▶ Proof of my ability to strategically focus each resume on each client’s objectives and precisely position that job seeker for his/her targeted goals.
▶ Proof of my ability to write documents that are deep and rich in content.
▶ Success in competitively distinguishing my clients from other candidates by showcasing unique qualifications, achievements, projects, contributions, and other best-in-class information.
▶ Demonstration of my excellent command of the English language, with specific emphasis on writing and usage, vocabulary, grammar, punctuation, spelling, and related masterful techniques.
▶ Diverse, distinguishable, and polished resume formats that differ from resume to resume.
▶ Creation of interview-friendly resumes that focus the interviewer’s attention in precisely the right direction based on each candidate’s current objectives."

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